padre-jlroja-130José Luis Ascaso jr., the founder's son, is a 36-year old economist and the author of this diversification plan. "Innova is created from an integrating perspective: to unify our wide knowledge in the world of the components and the coffee machines with the espresso-culture. But the real culture, the professional one. The one which searches for the coffee perfection. And all this in order to transfer it to the individual homes." The idea arises after several years of investigation: to create a range of coffee machines for homes and offices with a special design and a professional concept (our origin). Design machines, but specially, machines with time lasting systems and materials that allow a professional service in the domestic market. The search of collaborators which identify themselves with the values of Innova was one of the key premises. The harmony of ideas and the enthusiasm to make them real, were the indispensable requirements to develop the project. The formation of an exceptional team at any level (Technical, Commercial, Design, Marketing?), as well as a very careful fabrication process is the base on which "For Coffee Lovers" is built. March 2005 (Innova vs Ascaso) Press Note Last year Ascaso Factory merged with Innova Equipment. During all these last months Ascaso Factory has been commercialising under the Innova brand all its espresso machines This transitional period is over and as a result of the subsequent company unification process from July onwards the Innova brand will change its name and logo to Ascaso. We have carried out a market research which tell us the Ascaso brand name is widely known and respected on the espresso sector worldwide. The 40 years on the coffee business experience and the brand awareness it has created have been the decisive elements to take this decision. A decision which give us a consolidated global brand which will allow the worldwide product positioning and brand exposure our machines need. The "new" Ascaso brand name and image will be introduced gradually on machines, catalogues, and any graphic element of our corporate image. Company structure, business strategies and product portfolio remain the same.